Frequently Asked Questions

Question -  Why should I have a security assessment done on my home or business?


Answer -  Unfortunately we are seeing more violence and criminal activity occurring in all area’s and cities around the world.  A security assessment points out areas of vulnerability that can be corrected and made secure through physical and policy changes.


Question -  I am hesitant to attend or host your personal protection/awareness class because I am not in very good shape.  Is this class very physical?


Answer -  No:  As a defensive tactics instructor for over 35 years I know you can’t teach people how to fight in 2 1/2 hours.  This class is non-physical and provides you with information and perspectives about how to stay out of dangerous situations.  I teach you situations to be aware of and how to mentally prepare and mentally image these situations, so you have proper optional alertness.  The best way to protect yourself is to be prepared and confident in your options.


Question -  I see you have a lot of experience training police officers, what experience do you have training the public?

Answer -  As a trainer for over 35 years I have certainly trained many law enforcement officers.  However, I have also trained many citizen groups such as citizen academy’s, school groups and civic organizations.  I enjoy teaching the public because they are so appreciative of the information and training that they receive.