About Copper Penney Training


Copper Penney Training was created to teach and to train public and private companies and organizations. Copper Penney continues to work in the law enforcement industry. Copper Penney’s Training mission is to provide professional and experienced training.  We feel that experienced training is an essential element for your security.

Bob Penney

Founder & Director


Bob is a retired Police Officer with 34 years Law Enforcement Experience

Bob began his career in law enforcement in 1982 and became a Police Academy Instructor in 1986.  Bob retired from the Champlin Police Department as the Investigative Sergeant in July of 2016.  In the last 34 years, he has had the opportunity to work for several different police departments in the metropolitan area. 


Bob’s experience as a police officer and sergeant in law enforcement has been very beneficial, however his experience as a police trainer is even more important.  Bob has been involved in training both law enforcement students, current officers and many different public organizations in a wide range of training curriculums. 

Bob has been recognized by his peers and students for his positive teaching style and knowledge in the subjects that he has instructed.  Bob’s goal has always been to provide the most knowledgeable, timely, and appropriate training for his students. 



  • Certified Police InstructorUse of Force Instructor

  • Pressure Point Control Tactics (P.P.C.T.) Instructor

  • L.O.C.K. U.P. Arrest and Control Instructor

  • A.S.P. Baton Instructor

  • A.S.P. Handcuffing and Controlling Instructor

  • Chemical Agent Instructor

  • Basic Emergency Management Training/response

  • Hobble Restraint Instructor

  • Vascular Neck Restraint Instructor

  • Reality Based Training Instructor

  • Taser Trainer

  • Below 100 Instructor

  • Crime Prevention Specialist



Minneapolis, MN 

October 2017

Bachelor of Science - Police Science


Minneapolis MN 

Jun 1981

A.A.S - Law Enforcement