Human trafficking is criminal activity that hides in plain site and occurs in every community.  Copper Penney Training offers three training modules for hotels, businesses, and the general community. Bob has currently trained over 350 hotel and security staff at several hotel/casino’s in Minnesota.  This training covers the history of human trafficking, changing our paradigms, who, how, and why victims become involved and stay in the lifestyle.  We cover Minnesota’s response and thoroughly cover Minnesota Safe Harbor’s Act.  Lastly all participants are given information on the resources available and characteristics to look for along with the procedure or appropriate responses to follow.

This training is perfect for community groups that want to understand human trafficking, how to recognize it, and the resources and proper responses to assist victims involved.  As of August 1, 2019 all hotels in Minnesota are mandated to train their employee’s in human trafficking with a 45 minute video.  Although, Copper Penney’s training will not satisfy Minnesota’s requirement, this training would be complimentary and be more comprehensive about resources, specific characteristics and procedures to follow.


Human Trafficking


The Crime Hidden In Plain Site